Terms and conditions

TERMS and CONDITIONS governing the use of services provided by Filmframe Ltd. company, operating life streaming and electronic video rental on the www.clubstreamer.eu server.


1.1 Company Filmframe Ltd., based in Ševčenkova 1, 851 01, Bratislava, IČO:35969598, registered at Bratislava I, Dept: Ltd, Article Nr. 38703/B, (hereinafter referred to as „Operator“) is an operator of an internet server accessible through (URL) www.clubstreamer.eu, where it provides services of video live streaming online (hereinafter termed „livestream“) and electronic video rental services (hereinafter termed „Clubstreamer“). The operator is authorized to provide video live streaming and related services to users based on the available selection under the conditions established by this agreement.


2.1 The Clubstreamer services are designed for registered users of www.clubstreamer.eu portal. The registration of users is managed at the user interface and is provided so, that the user account is opened only when you login via user password. The user is obliged to provide truthful information during the registration and keep all information confidential. The user accepts terms and conditions set by Clubstreamer and agrees with the registration realized electronically. The user is not authorized to allow the use of user account to third parties.

The Clubstreamer services have been offering live streaming of music shows to users (hereinafter „title“; „titles“ or „work“; „works“) for personal use. If it is not expressly specified otherwise, means the work, another object protected by the copyright too (e.g. picture, graphic or audio video record), copy of which was placed on the website by the operator for the purpose of providing it to users including all personal elements covered in it. Commercial, business, or public propagation and copying of the titles is strictly prohibited.

2.2 The Clubstreamer services include the possibility of booking of a title at a specific time for a specified price and it is possible to view a title from the archive, respecting the fact that the payment is realized via virtual account service for registered users of Clubstreamer.

2.3 The operator reserves the right to determine which services will be charged on the website www.clubstreamer.eu . Applicable prices are listed in the current level for individual service offer. The operator reserves the right to change the prices of a title in offer, while the price valid is the one displayed on a particular service info at the moment of ordering.


3.1 The operator provides users to watch those titles for which it is authorized under the licenses granted by the entitled subjects.

3.2 All titles are stored in the format of Windows Media Video (WMV) and are encoded with Microsoft DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. To replay them it is required to use the operating systemMicrosoft Windows or Mac OSx and Flash Player.Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.

3.3 An user is entitled to watch the title during the specified period of time after the payment of contract price. An user is not authorized to distribute, copy, record, or use the titles otherwise in contrary with these terms and conditions or applicable legislation. 


4.1 Logged users only can watch individual titles  based on the requirements of artists and copyright holders. Every user must be registered first  on Clubstreamer web portal for this reason. The user receives an e-mail from Cubstreamer server with purchase details right after the payment. After logging in, the user can  play ordered title directly on the browser at www.clubstreamer.eu, however maximally on two different devices at the same time (e.g. PC, smart phone, tablet etc.).

4.2 The operator is obliged to issue an invoice with the amount of service fees. The operator will issue the invoice based on e-mail request of an user.


5.1 An user can submit any warranty claims and suggestions in a written form to registered office of the operator, or as an e-mail message to the e-mail address:   info@clubstreamer.eu.

5.2 To initiate claim process it is absolutely necessary to indicate the date and time of payment for the title, the username, user’s e-mail address and also the whole title name. In the case of payment claim, the method of payment (e.g. card payment, or money transfer) has to be indicated. It is necessary to describe clearly what the user claimes. The user will also provide the description of his/her technical equipment, especially the version of operating system and internet connection type. Based on this information the operator will initiate the claim process. If the claim is accepted, the user will get offered new replacement title for repeated smooth watching, or he/she will be refunded for the problem encountered during the watching of claimed title. Claims can be submitted within 15 days from the date of payment.

5.3 An user takes into consideration, that the operator is not responsible for the functionality of user’s data network, nor for user’s hardware and software equipment, as well as for the functionality of public internet network.

5.4. An user has the right to cancel his/her order without giving any reason no later then 12 hours before the LIVE streaming, either directly through his/her user’s account, or by sending an e-mail to: info@clubstreamer.eu.  In the case of cancelation, the operator takes commitment to refund all user’spayments received for his/her order no ater than 14 days from the date of delivery of the cancelation. With the violation of time limitation mentioned above, the user looses the right to cancel the order.

5.5. The operator reserves the right to cancel the order entered by the user, or a part of it if the LIVE streaming is cancelled because of unrealized show, event etc., or in the case of impossibility to contact the user, because of false data provided by the user (e.g. a wrong e-mail address). In such a situation the operator will contact the user for the purpose of an agreement on the further steps. In the case of that the user already paid a part, or the entire amount of the price, the operator will transfer this amount back to  his/her bank account within 30 days from the initial payment.


The operator explicitly reminds the user of the fact, that the use of Clubstreamer in contrary to these terms and conditions may result in an infringement which may also show signs of criminal activity. The user is not entitled to assign, or transfer his/her rights and obligations arising from their contractual relationship with the operator regarding the use of Clubstreamer services to a third party or free of charge. All user actions in contrary to these terms and conditions which may also result ( although possible ) in threats of Clubstreamer services functionality, or any user actions that would in any way violate the copyrights or other privileges that apply to the titles, will be considered as a violation of the terms and conditions and the operator is authorized to restrict the user in such actions. Such a restriction consists mainly of preventing user to access the service, or of the refusal of providing the service. The operator reserves the right to restrict such user actions immediately.

The operator is not responsible for damages which the user may experience in the case of any changes to Clubstreamer’s services solely due to minimal use of the service. The operator reserves the right that the service may not always be 100% accessible due to regular updates and maintenance of the hardware and software equipment.

The user or any person using the Clubstreamer service accepts that any use of text, graphics or other elements from the website is not allowed, unless a written agreement from the operator allows it.

These agreements are based on the current laws and legislation of Slovak Republic and are binding for both parties. By pressing „I agree“ the user confirms that he/she accepts the agreement and is therefore obliged to comply with the agreement. Together with the confirmation of the agreement which is approved by pressing „I agree“, the user gives the operator the right to use his personal information with the aim to provide services and advertisement according to the Law Nr. 122/2013 handling the protection of personal information. The operator is obliged to process and protect this information obtained in the registration form accordingly. If the user is a natural person, the operator requires the following information: name, surname, complete address and e-mail address. All the information will be processed by the operator, and the user allows the use of this information without a time limit. The agreement including the usage of personal information can be withdrawn at any time by submission of a written request. Personal data will be erased from the system within a month after submission of a written request to the operator. The user can control and change personal information at any time while being logged in to the website ( www.clubstreamer.eu ) under “my account”. The user agrees that the operator can inform the user about any news, services or offers per e-mail.

These terms and conditions as listed above shall enter into force on November 1st 2014. The operator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions defining the use of Clubstreamer’s services and does not have to give previous notice of such changes.

This translated terms and conditions are bound to the Slovak original.