About the service

We have been offering LIVE streaming of musical shows from clubs in Bratislava, in high-quality audio and video. By paying the micro-fee, you will be able to watch selected LIVE streaming from your PC, tablet or smartphone and thus you will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of club scene, without actually attending the concert personally.

Moreover, our service promotes selected bands, and you, the fans, have got the unique opportunity to manifest your support ! By purchasing LIVE streaming for a micro-fee, you can support the band financially as well as express your appreciation of their performance. Please, buy the LIVE streaming and support your favorite bands. After registering, you can find concert recordings in our VIDEO archive, too. 

Subsequently, we will try to speak to other clubs in Central Europe in order to make our service richer and even more attractive to our viewers. You can read opinions of various bands on our service in ARCHIVE section under independent videos, in the part : BAND OPINION.    

CLUBSTREAMER services are available online all over the world. 

Bands interested in LIVE streaming, as well as fans with their opinions please, do contact us via our email address:   info@clubstreamer.eu.